Supermodel Lena Gercke at opening of new Karstadt store
in Hamburg.

We are so amused

Some say he bought this copy of
Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines
for Jeremy Clarkson for
Mothering Sunday.

Imagine her smile if  Mona  had a
taken along her copy of
Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines.

Chloe relaxes with her favourite read
Santa's helpers have
a great gift for your
stocking this year
Warhol's first and best attempt?

If you have a photo or a funny photo of someone (or something) with a copy of one of my novels please send it to me and you could win a copy of my next novel. 

Here's an entry from Doreen Porter of her friends Lyn and Helen relaxing in the sunshine in St Antonin Noble Val, France.


  1. I love the photo of the Queen reading your novel! lol

    1. She was so kind to pose, don't you think? I have never seen her smile before!

  2. Bwahahahahahaha! Carol, you slay me!

  3. Those celebrity photos are very good. I am visiting Buck House next weekend, so will show Her Maj that photo, to see if she really WAS amused!

    1. Great! Could you please get her to autograph it for me...'To Facing50 from Lizzie and Pip' will do nicely. xxxx

  4. Love what you did with the photos.....


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