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Today I try out something new at my blog - a 'How to...' tutorial. (Useful for all you bloggers, authors and people who like messing about making videos!)

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Monday, 31 December 2012

"It Must be Love, Love, Love..."

First posted in October 2010. This what happened to my debut novel, Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines after I completed it. See post at new blog to see why I posted this today.

            You would think that with two weeks free I’d have loads to stuff to post and you’d be correct. Like the saying ‘money breeds money’ so does travel. It’s been quite an active year for us on the travel front and on our travels we’ve met a lot of very nice people. We encountered two such nice people on a trip to Mallorca earlier in the year. We hit it off with them and they invited us back to their villa for a meal and a friendship developed which resulted in a phone call last month with a strange request - As we are retired (i.e. bored and have nothing to do) would there be any possibility that we could leave the (Y)UK in October for a few days and come and stay at their beautiful villa, complete with swimming pool, ornamental Koi fish pond with tinkling fountain to look after their cat while they hopped off to visit relatives. Apparently the cat hates people normally, but because it hadn’t jumped on us hissing and spitting when we visited them, they thought we’d be suitable carers. What leave cold windy Blighty for a few days to go to warm, sunny, cheery Mallorca? It was a no brainer, so I booked the flights.
     We packed lightly taking only hand luggage which meant I took a pair of shorts two t-shirts and underwear, all of which could be washed out there, and Hubby took 3 pairs of shoes, 4 shirts, 2 pairs of trousers, matching socks and belts, a jumper for the evenings and of course an umbrella. I did however pack a large notebook and pens because I intended not only writing my blogs out long hand, but also several chapters of my book which is nearing completion. I only required a few days of peace with no distractions to finish. Nothing like, sea, sun and San Miguels for inspiration I decided.
     We arrived to be greeted by the owners who were just about to leave for the airport. We were hurriedly shown around and told about Sammo the cat, who was hiding somewhere no doubt sulking. 
     "He’s no trouble. He doesn’t much like to hang around people. This is the number for the vet if he gets sick and give him one of these each evening for his tea," said the owner holding up an enormous sardine from a can. It looked more like a small sea bass. The owners left and Sammo emerged, more like Sumo than Sammo. It was the largest cat I’ve ever seen. It strode up to us and meowed then trailed its tail around our legs. It seemed surprisingly friendly. Now I need to mention here that although I like cats, I am allergic to them. I knew Sammo was independent and lived outside, so I thought I’d be okay before I agreed to looking after him and Hubby promised to do most of the looking after anyway but Sumo had other ideas. He adored me from the start. Cats seem to know that you are allergic and when you can’t be near them. I set up camp to start writing outside on the sun beds. 
     First, he sat under my sun bed making my nose itch, then he sat on the foot of my sun bed making me itch all over and making my eyes water, and then he cheerfully launched himself onto my stomach making me jump because he weighed a tonne, and then sneeze furiously. Hubby tried to encourage him to leave me alone but Sumo hissed at him and wrapped his tail protectively around me each time I tried to get up and scurry back into the villa. He was a nice cat though and each morning he serenaded me with happy meows as I gave him his breakfast through streaming eyes, while he walked around and around me. He sat on the kitchen window ledge and gazed fondly at me all the time as I stayed inside to do my writing and finish my chapters, outside was impossible.
     Sammo accompanied me to the car when I went to get groceries and waited for me to return, purring loudly and tripping me up as I carried in packages. He came for evening walks up the road and walked me to the house, where he would sit and stare at me through the window while Hubby enjoyed romantic evenings watching CNN or Bloomberg, and I wrote and wrote. Sammo stared and stared. When I fed him he would sit and stare lovingly at me, wolf down his enormous sardine, and then go back to gazing at me. The book got finished. The blogs were written too. 
      The last afternoon I sat outside and put up with Sammo trying to sit on my knees, stomach and head as I put the finishing touches to the work. At last it was done. Sammo sat back and surveyed me suspiciously as I got up to get a celebratory bottle of Cava. The book was finished. Hurray! Just needed to type it up. We celebrated in the kitchen as Sammo would no doubt try and get into my glass of fizz if we sat outside. Just as I finished the second glass, I realised I’d left my notebook outside. I went off to get it, not tripping over the cat for once, and then I realised why he wasn’t there. He was busy chasing bits of my newly clawed and ripped up notebook all over the patio. Several freshly chewed pages were floating in the swimming pool. So the blogs and the chapters are a soggy chlorine mess of kitty litter. I guess it will save a literary agent from doing the same thing and binning it.
            Oh, and one more thing. Apparently we should have given Sammo the whole tin of sardines not just one an evening, as a result the Koi pond was depleted of stock. Hubby and I have been asked to look after an ageing dog in France soon. I’m taking my laptop this time and no, I’m not allergic to dogs.

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Facing 50's Spotlight on...

I have a very funny and entertaining guest at my blog today. Please click on the address below to be taken to the new site

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Christmas Cheer

There is plenty of Christmas Eve cheer with me and a box full of crackers...
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Feel Good Friday

It's Friday, the weekend is around the corner. Why not start it with a good laugh? Check out my jokes today at the new site. You didn't know this blog had moved? Well, pop over and see what I am up to now at

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Facing 50's Spotlight On...

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"Feel Good Friday"

Top joke this week at my blog. It'll make you chuckle all weekend.
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"I'm Sitting on Top of the World..."

Want to know why I am floating around in the sky today? Check out my blog for some hot off the press news.

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"Everyday I write the book..."

I have started a brand new feature on my blog today. This is your chance to get published, even if you are not 'a writer'. Come and see if you fancy a go. What have you got to lose?

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It's a momentous day for this blog today. Facing 50 with Humour is moving to a new address. Yes, after two and a half years of good old Blogger, I am heading over to Wordpress, giving the site a facelift and making it more user friendly.
It won't be difficult to find me as I'll be at What could be simpler? If you can't be bothered to type that lot in, then click on the button HERE to discover the new look site. If you come over today. you'll be able to read a juicy snippet from my next novel Just Add Spice, don't miss that!

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Friday, 30 November 2012

Feel Good Friday

It has long been known, and more recently, been proven that laughter is extremely good for you. I won't go into the medical reasons here, as to why it is beneficial but it is. So, I have decided to start a new feature inspired by Riviera Radio called Feel Good Friday. This is where I attempt to make your day begin with a chuckle by telling you my favourite joke of week. 
If you have a joke a and would like it (and you) to be featured on my blog please email it to:

*     *     *     *     *
Matt was a materialisic man. He had every expensive gadget known to man. He took delivery of his brand new Porsche and couldn't wait to show it off to his co-workers. They would be so envious.
He pulled up outside his office block and smugly manoeuvred his car into a space where it would be in full view from the offices above. As he opened the door of his car, a lorry raced by and ripped the door off.  Matt was furious. Luckily, the police were passing by too and stopped immediately to check out the damage. Matt ranted about the state of his brand new expensive car to them.
"I'll never get the panel beaters to fix this wing and the door won't be easy to replace. It's ruined, and it cost £110,000." 
"You focus on the wrong things," replied one of the policemen. "You are obviously too materialistic."
"What the heck do you mean?" spluttered Matt. 
"Well, look at yourself. In the accident, your arm was ripped off and you haven't even noticed."
A horrified Matt looked down at where his arm had been.
"B#**y Hell!" He exclaimed. "Where's my flaming Rolex gone?"

*     *     *     *     *

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

"It's a Hap,Hap,happy Christmas..."

     I am feeling rather cheerful and wanted to come and share my good news with you. November has been an incredibly productive month for me. I was determined to make NaNoWriMo work for me and I have succeeded. I managed to write and edit my latest book and I am 20,000 into the next and have made notes on the third one which I shall start in the New Year. I have really got the bit between my teeth now and poor Hubby has given up on me.

     To be fair, when I came bouncing down the stairs having declared my latest book complete, he was very pleased for me. I not so sure that when I told him I'd been up all night again plotting the next one, he felt quite as chuffed. Still, he now knows how to use the oven and last night cooked lasagne and beans

     I shall reveal more very soon but before then I would like to share this little video with you. I have declared it time to start to feel Christmassy and think about getting cards sent out and baubles bought in...oh, and wine, of course!

With very grateful thanks to FiveSibesMom for the photograph of Chloe.

Monday, 26 November 2012


We have with us today, a wonderful man who has touched many lives. Only recently, I was talking to people to told me that I should hear him speak. He is an inspiration to us all. Richard, welcome to Facing 50 with Humour.
Thank you Carol. I must say it's a pleasure to be here.
Why thank you Richard…Before we chat about your new release I have some nice easy questions for you. Please relax, take a deep breath and then answer the rapid fire round:
'The Joker’ or ‘'The Penguin? 
 It’s got to be The Penguin.  The Joker REALLY needs to learn how to put on lipstick; and as for the colour; it’s just not him.
‘Hotspur’ or ‘The Beezer’?  
No contest, it’s The Beezer every time for me.
‘Banana Splits’ or ‘Double Deckers’? (Children’s programmes not food) 
Double Deckers; they were true stories you know!
Can you tell us a short joke? 
Men who have pierced ears are better prepared for marriage. They’ve experienced pain and bought jewellery.
Curly Wurly or Flying Saucers? 
Flying Saucers
Did you ever wear a pair of platform shoes?
I had a pair but hardly wore them. One night I did wear them. As I was leaving the pub it started raining, so I started running and nearly broke my ankles.
What one mad thing would you like to do before you are too old to do it? 
Have a night of passion with Sharon Stone (as long as she gave up smoking; I can’t do fag breath). 
That's rules out any chance for my mother then. She's taken a shine to you, so watch out.
Sharon Stone
What was the first car you ever owned? 
A VW Passatt 
Finally, could you please tell us something about yourself that doesn’t show up on the website. Surprise us! 
I was in a theatre company once and have done Shakespeare.  I’ve also done solo theatre and sang in a blues band for a charity variety show. 
I am so envious. I would love to strut about on stage. I played all of the witches in Macbeth at school but I'd really like to do that in a proper theatre..

And so, onto your latest book?
Yes, it’s called Inspiration For Breakfast and it’s a compilation of wisdom quotes that I felt compelled to put into book form, and I’m really grateful to you for showcasing it today on my official launch day.
As you may well know I really love inspirational quotes; I find that they can really fire you up and get you going and I just felt it was something I needed to do.  I had already published one new book this year and republished my first five pieces of work as two revamped paperbacks, but I found myself wanting to do something else before the year’s end, and Inspiration For Breakfast is the result of that.  I got the idea and just sat on it for weeks, but once I decided to go ahead with it, it was finished very quickly.
Was there any particular source you gathered all these quotes from?
A few really; I just love Eastern Philosophy, so the first section is dedicated to Easter Philosophy quotes.  Then there is a section on Marcus Aurelius quotes; Marcus was one of only five Roman Emperors to have been considered “good”.  There is also a section on Greek Philosophy quotes and a section on miscellaneous quotes from all kinds of people as diverse as Audrey Hepburn and Winston Churchill.
Who would you say your book was for specifically Richard?
Literally anyone and everyone Carol; young and old, male and female; anyone at all who is looking for a little bit of inspiration.
That sounds great Richard and I understand that Inspiration For Breakfast is not the only project you have been busy with?

Yes that’s correct,  firstly I decided that my Kindle version of Angelic Wisdom Trilogy needed sprucing up a little, so I engaged the services of our very own Stephanie Keyes’ company, Sycamore Road Design, to create a new cover for me, and here it is… 

As well as that I have just released my latest CD, Mantra For The Soul.  This is a project that I am particularly excited about, and I also have someone working on a new backing track for one of my older meditation CDs that is already in production, and if things go to plan the finished article will seem like a completely new project only much better.  Finally, I have an idea for another CD in the new year that should turn out to be the best of the bunch.  So, all in all, exciting times! 

Well thanks for joining me today Richard and sharing your exciting news with us.  But before you go, can you just share one of your favourite quotes from the book with us?
It would be a pleasure Carol and thanks again for having me as a guest on your blog!
“The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step – Lao Tzu”

Link for free eBook version of  Angelic Wisdom Trilogy HERE

You can find out more about Richard at the following: 
Twitter @atmicsplendour

Saturday, 24 November 2012

"Are 'Friends' Electric?"

I am very excited to be able to announce the release of a brand new book that should appeal to not just authors and bloggers but anyone who wants to become more familiar with this wonderful internet world.
     Since I joined Indies Unlimited, I have learned an incredible amount about social networking and what is available for me, not just as a writer and blogger but as a reader and a social networking butterfly. 
     Thanks to IU can make videos, have professional pages on Goodreads, Shelfari, LinkedIn and others. My blog gets a huge number of hits thanks to these platforms. I know all about StumbleUpon, Reddit and how to make a Gravatar. I have grown my fan bases on all social networking sites. I have made valuable contacts on LinkedIn and even more valuable friends on other social networking sites.
    If you want to have more of an on-line presence or just understand some of the amazing websites and tools available to you, then this is the book for you.
This book has sixty-two tutorials which are brilliantly displayed, easy to understand and written with a touch of ‘snark’.
     Often, when I give my talks to groups about getting familiar with using the internet and what benefits there are for you I am at a loss to recommend one book, an encyclopaedia if you like, of ‘How tos...’ Now I can.
     I cannot praise this book enough nor its authors, especially K.S. Brooks who will be appearing on my blog at a later date. This remarkable lady is the author of thirteen books and keeps us all in line at Indies Unlimited. She is also an award winning photographer and one of the funniest, sharpest people I know.
     Check out the book by looking inside it for free. If it appeals, reach into your pockets and make an investment. It will be extremely worthwhile.This is the book that will transform your digital world.
Tutorials and Tools for Prospering in a Digital World.

Click to check it out - HERE.

Oh, one last thing. I am one of the contributing authors – yes, my mug shot and details are in it too. So, I’m not being too altruistic, am I?